Pi PoE Switch

A power over Ethernet (PoE) add on board (HAT) for your Raspberry Pi with power management. Reduce the clutter of cables with Pi PoE!

3D Model / Animation

PiPoE Model Render - White
PiPoE Model Render - Living Room

PiPoE Back in Stock Animation

Kickstarter Graphics

PiPoE Infographic - Features
PiPoE Infographic - Wildlife
PiPoE Infographic - Media Center
PiPoE Infographic - Serveillence
PiPoE Infographic - Web Server
PiPoE Pledge Table


PiPoE Packaging Template

Product Shots

PiPoE Board
PiPoE Box & Contents
PiPoE Board on Rasbperry Pi
PiPoE Packaging - Simple
PiPoE in Case
PiPoE - Side Profile

Social Banners

PiPoE Social Banner


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